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Slow Food Bowls.

Dentadish is the bowl designed to keep the dog's diet under control, avoiding the risk of suffocation, vomiting, intestinal reflux and discomfort.
Dentadish is designed to slow down dog eating, reduce excess air intake, improve digestion and prevent swelling.

Dogs accustomed to eating quickly are more likely to: suffocate, vomit, suffer from intestinal discomfort, and gastric reflux.

Gastric reflux and excess air occur when a dog eats too quickly and gulps a lot of air. The air turns into gas in the stomach and causes the abdomen to swell, putting pressure on the heart, lungs and other organs. Denta-Dish prevents all this and makes the dog eat up to 10 times slower than normal bowls.

Designed to promote healthier eating habits and to make the dog eat more slowly, Denta-Dish is equipped with soft bristles that clean the teeth more gently while the dog eats.

The Denta-Dish dog bowl is made of durable materials that can be washed in the dishwasher. In addition, its bristles trap food, while the anti-slip base prevents the escape of dirt.

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  • Denta Dish is the dog bowl designed to help the dog eat more slowly by allowing him to digest the food properly. Thanks to its characteristics, Denta Dish improves digestion, reduces and prevents plaque and tartar formation. With Denta-Dish your dog will have clean teeth, eat more slowly and digest better Available in sizes: S (cm 18) and L (cm 23). Do...

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