Eye Envy Cleanser for Cats' Eye - Detergent Lotion 59ml


Eye Envy Solution Stain Remover Eyes Cats - 59ml The solution Envy Eye Eye for cats is the first of a 2-phase system that removes and eliminates oxidized stains due to tearing.

Applied externally, this detergent does not irritate, removes unaesthetic stains and inhibits the production of dark spots. Eye Envy can also be applied on puppies.

The Eye Envy solution can also be applied on the legs to remove dirt and oxidized stains.

The Eye Envy solution is natural, contains no preservatives, bleach, peroxide, steroids or other harmful agents and is applied topically. IMPORTANT: To obtain the desired results, the application of Powder Eye Envy is required after using the solution.

59ml pack.

Eye Envy is an excellent natura product specially formulated to remove the unsightly brown spots on the fur around the eyes of your little friend caused by excessive tearing. Eye Envy helps to prevent and eliminate brown spots around the eyes.


We recommend initially for the first weeks of using the product for two, three consecutive days until you gradually get to use the product once or twice a week.

First clean the hair near the eyes using the pads soaked with the eyepiece solution, once the area is clean, apply the powder using a cotton swab. The powder will absorb the tear, creating a small crust that, when detached from itself, will release the hair.

The Envy Eye products are suitable for many breeds of dogs and cats suffering from tearing problems: Bulldog, Bedlington Terrier, Bichon Frize, Brittany, Brussels Griffon, Chihuahua, Chinese nude, Cocker Spaniel, Japanese Chin, Cavalier King Charles, Lhapsa Apso , Maltese, Papillon, Peking, Pomeranian, Poodle, Pug, Saint Bernard, Schnauzer, Sharpei, Shih Tzu, Silky Terrier, Springer Spaniel, West Highland Terrier, Devon Rex, Exotic Shorthair, Persian, Ragdoll, Scottish Fold and many others.

Safe and delicate products, approved by veterinarians and breeders internationally.

Eye Envy, founded in 2001 in Torrance, California, is world famous for its natural stain removers for dogs and cats due to tearing stains.

In the initial phase, the product became popular among breeders of cats to remove the stains due to tearing during beauty contests, soon after its effectiveness was also discovered by the dog market. Since its inception, the company has grown with worldwide distribution, retained its philosophy of using only the best natural ingredients.

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